Dayra's Goldens - NEWS
Yusen meets his puppies at Woldwoods Golden!
(Pumpkin & Yusen)
He was totaly in love with his first puppies ...

Saterday workshop hunting with Yusen ... it was a great day !
Mylo & Yusen in the wood ...
Lovely day with Yusen at the workingtest from the GRCB,
I'm happy with the result for his first workingtest , 16 7 7 10 10 0 6 6 62 , such a pity from this 0, but we learn... It 's a pleasure to see him enjoy working!
Happy Birthday to Mylo!
Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy celebrating his 12th birthday.
What a fantastic day at the DRC Special Clubshow in Winsen-Luhe. Owen ,Ch Alibren Some Other Guy won the workingclass, 1st ex CAC , best working golden , with that point he is now also DRC Champion and ....
Yusen , Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s won the open class , best dog , BOS and BOB ! Thanks to the judge mrs Birgit Rabe for thinking so highly of our boys !!!