Dayra's Goldens - NEWS
Yusen meets his puppies at Woldwoods Golden!
(Pumpkin & Yusen)
He was totaly in love with his first puppies ...

Saterday workshop hunting with Yusen ... it was a great day !
Mylo & Yusen in the wood ...
Lovely day with Yusen at the workingtest from the GRCB,
I'm happy with the result for his first workingtest , 16 7 7 10 10 0 6 6 62 , such a pity from this 0, but we learn... It 's a pleasure to see him enjoy working!
Happy Birthday to Mylo!
Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy celebrating his 12th birthday.
What a fantastic day at the DRC Special Clubshow in Winsen-Luhe. Owen ,Ch Alibren Some Other Guy won the workingclass, 1st ex CAC , best working golden , with that point he is now also DRC Champion and ....
Yusen , Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s won the open class , best dog , BOS and BOB ! Thanks to the judge mrs Birgit Rabe for thinking so highly of our boys !!!
We are so in love with his head ... what an expression
Our Guy Of Sweetmeat's "Yusen"
(Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy x Dantassie Dancing Again)