Xanaa of Lesmona "JoJo"
HD A1/A2 ED 0/0 Heart Clear FdW and BHPA 16p.
Brooklands Luna
4.5 months
Dunehills Sweet Vanilla "Lilou"
P'zzazz Princess in Puddles of Love "Pippa" 8 months - Best puppy at the show in Eindhoven !!!
My Melody of the Stony Fields "Guusje"
Of Lesmona
Amy Hips A/A elb 0/0                          Nica 1 year
Von der Pfannkuchenwiese
Gift of Wheaton's
Of Lesmona
Von Den Wilden  Bienen
Pups are 6 weeks on the pictures
Heideles Goldens
Off Creme Puff
Pups are 4 weeks on the picture
Wheaton's June with daddy Mylo
Mylo with his puppy's
Pups are 6 weeks on the picture
Von Der Linzer Hohe
New pictures from the offspring of Mylo. Many thanks to Mareike Rohlf and Ushi Klein for the lovely pictures.
Xenica of Lesmona

Dunehills Sweet Apple Pie "Zazou"
1ste ex open class BOS, BOB & 1ste GROUP 8
Son & daughter of Mylo in Sweden
6  1/2 months
Daughter of Mylo in Sweden
6    1/2 months
Xenica of Lesmona, a daughter of Mylo got the second place in Bremen.
Dunehills Jinglebells dites " Bella " and Dunehills Olympia "D'zeus"
Daughter & Son of Mylo.
Daughter of Mylo in Sweden : Cinderella Lovehouse " Milou " 11 months.
Puppys from Pzzazz Poppy in Puddles of Love & our Owen.
We are very proud to see this movie of the puppys at 7 weeks.