Grey Goose Back In Black ‘Ferre
09/04/2022 @GRC Scotland: BEST PUPPY IN SHOW
10/04/2022 @North West GRC England: 2 EX

HAPPY 2022!

25/09/2021 Special – Show @Ellwangen
Ch. Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s ‘Yusen’: 1 EX CAC

Owen – Yusen – Ayden

Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy ‘Mylo’
Forever in our hearts!

‘Yusen’ Ch. Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s
hunting training

Our boys
Owen, Yusen & Ayden

Our boys on holiday

Our boys

Field trial in Saint Pierre Des Ifs:
‘Yusen’ Ch. Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s

Saturday 1 EX CACT
and on Sunday 2 EX RCACT
These results gave him a new title: Trialer à la Française

Our boys

Ch. Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s ‘Yusen’
Stanroph Such A Nice Guy ‘Ayden’
Ch. Alibren Some Other Guy ‘Owen’

‘Yusen’ Ch. Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s

‘Yusen’ Ch. Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s & ‘Ayden’ Stanroph Such A Nice Guy

Second Champion title for ‘Yusen’ Ch. Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s:
after VDH Champion, he became “DRC Champion” @DRC show Wenden

BRC Turnhout: ‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s won the workingclass and became
“Best working Golden Retriever”

Regionale D’Elevage Fontainebleau:
‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s
took the 1st place in a lovely workingclass

New Champion in our house:
At the show Markt Bibart Yusen took his last point to become “VDH CHAMPION”
We are so proud of ‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s

We are so proud of the 2 brothers!
At Saint Pierre Des Ifs they both took very well and the “FCI work certificate”
Yusen Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s & Oliver Of Sweetmeat’s

‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s

EPREUVE B @Saint-Pierre-des-Ifs

‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s

When a dog is in your life, there is always a reason to smile!
‘Ayden’ Stanroph Such A Nice Guy

‘Ayden’ & ‘Owen’

‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s

DRC Special Clubshow Winsen-Luhe

‘Owen’ Ch. Alibren Some Other Guy won the Workingclass:

1 ex CAC  “Best working golden” and he became “DRC Champion”
‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s won Open class:
Best dog, BOS & BOB”

‘Mylo’ & ‘Yusen’

Yusen his puppies @Woldwoods Golden (Pumpkin & Yusen)
He was totally in love!

Southern Golden Retriever Club: ‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s
Third place in a wonderful Minor limit class

‘Yusen’ & ‘Owen’

National show Karlsruhe:

‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s
1 ex CAC, VDH Point

Nice weekend in Aubigny Sur Nere, National D’elevage :
‘Owen’ Alibren Some Other Guy: 1 EX
‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s: 2 EX

Our boys
Stanroph Such A Nice Guy ‘Ayden’ & Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s ‘Yusen’
Ch. Alibren Some Other Guy ‘Owen’ & Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy ‘Mylo’

It always seems impossible until it’s done …
Alibren Some Other Guy ‘Owen’

International Show Bremen

‘Owen’ Alibren Some Other Guy & ‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s
First place: VDH point & Club CAC

National Show Bremen


‘Owen’ first place,  VDH point
& ‘Yusen’
frist place, VDH point. BEST DOG, CAC & BEST OF BREED!

International dogshow Bremen:
‘Yusen’ ‘Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s’ &
‘Owen’ Alibren Some Other Guy,  both first place!

Father & son … real love! ‘Yusen’ & ‘Mylo’

‘Mylo’ Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy’ & ‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s


@The GRV Championship show ‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s took a great 2nd place RJCAC out of 15 in  juniorclass & ‘Owen’ Alibren Some Other Guy won the workingclass !

@Working test Anzegem ‘Ayden’ Stanroph Such A Nice Guy
88/100, qualified for the fields!

‘Yusen’ Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s
winning JCAC @The Belgium Retriever Club !

Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s ‘Yusen’

Official results hips/elbows 
HD : B , ED : 0-0
(Multi Ch Rayleas My Guy & Dantassie Dancing Again)

@The special clubshow Cloppenburg ‘Yusen’  Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s took the 2nd place in a very strong juniorclass RES. JCAC and a very lovely comment.

Our lovely Mylo

Field Trial Saint-Pierre des Ifs: 21/01  2 excellent
& 22/01 5 excellent.
‘Owen’ Alibren Some Other Guy

Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy ‘Mylo’ & Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s ‘Yusen’
father and son

The boys @the beach

‘Owen’ ‘Alibren Some Other Guy’
took on the field at Guercheville 1 EX CACT wich made him
‘Trialer à la Française’ 
Working & showing with our boy is such a pleasure!

@CACIB show Luxemburg
So proud of Alibren Some Other Guy ‘Owen’

‘Yusen’ (Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s) took on Friday the title ‘European Puppy Champion’ @EDS Brussels and took the 1st place in puppy class @GRCB Clubshow.
‘Owen’ (Alibren Some Other Guy) got an excellent and was shortlisted in a very strong working class at the Clubshow. So proud of my boys!

@The EDS in Brussels  ‘Yusen’ (Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s) became 1 VP.

Father & Son – Mylo & Yusen

Lazy days …
Owen – Ayden – Yusen – Mylo

On the show in Walldrün ‘Owen’ (Alibren Some Other Guy) took 1 EX CAC, VDH

What a weekend in Germany with (Alibren Some Other Guy) ‘Owen
On Saturday he won the workingclass CAC in Gelsenkirchen.
On Sunday in Winsen-Luhe he won the Workingclass CAC – BOS & BOB 

Lovely showday with ‘Owen’ (Alibren Some Other Guy)
@Beckum he took the 1st place with CAC & VDH – point!

BRC Clubshow
Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s ‘Yusen’ 1st place in the babyclass.
Alibren Some Other Guy ‘Owen’ 2nd place in the workingclass.
We haven’t showed Owen for 3 years … We are so proud!

Our Guy Of Sweetmeat’s ‘Yusen’

Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy ‘Mylo’
& Stanroph Such A Nice Guy ‘Ayden’

On the Field in Muncq Nieurlet (France)
‘Owen’ (Alibren Some Other Guy): 2nd place excellent RCACT.
We are so proud!
All our dogs are qualified for the fields!

A very special day:
Our two boys Alibren Some Other Guy “Owen” and Stanroph Such A Nice Guy “Ayden” passed their Epreuve B in
Saint Pierre des Ifs. Ready to go to the fields ….

Our Ayden (Stanroph Such A Nice Guy) made us very proud on the  dog show in Brussels.
He got a 2nd place in a strong juniorclass ( 9 entries ) , but for me the most important thing: he did it very well !

Great news,  we recieved the hips and elbouw results from “Ayden”
(Stanroph Such A Nice Guy) BVA 3-3 ED 0-0 !

Ayden (Stanroph Such A Nice Guy) passed his socialization test!

Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy “Mylo” , our friend, love and everything!

Stanroph Such A Nice Guy “Ayden”
his first hunting experience with a pigeon.

Without stress Anja, can handle our lovely boys very well , Yes she can!
– Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy ” Mylo ” and his litlle friend
-Stanroph Such A Nice Guy ” Ayden “

Mylo (Multi Champion Rayleas My Guy) at the Golden Retriever Clubshow.

Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy “Mylo” Excellent in the Champions Class
@ the GRCN Clubshow.

Stanroph Such A Nice Guy “Ayden”
3 VP in the Puppy Class @ the GRCN Clubshow.

Ayden (Stanroph Such A Nice Guy) did it again! On the Golden Retriever club Junior day, won he the puppy class and then went best puppy of breed.

Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy “Mylo”

Stanroph Such A Nice Guy “Ayden”, free standing in the wood.
@ 6 months.

After a long but beautiful day on the Southern GRC show, catching up with friends, beautiful dogs. Multi Ch Rayleas my Guy “Mylo” was 1st in the Special Working Class, proud of our boy!

Our little boy Ayden (Stanroph Such A Nice Guy)
got on the CAC show in Genk 1st VP and went Best Baby.

What a day at the CACIB show in Moeskroen:

Stanroph Such A Nice Guy “Ayden”,
What a show debut … We are so proud!

Multi Ch. Rayleas My Guy “Mylo”
Alibren Some Other Guy “Owen”

What a day, @ the CAC show in Douai, “Mylo” (Multi Ch Rayleas My Guy) won the
Ch. Class, BOS and then BOB, we are so proud of our friend !

Lovely picture from Mylo.

We miss Mylo so much, but the memories helps us a lot … Forever in our heart!

“The Centenary Show in Cirencester” Multi Champion Rayleas My Guy ” Mylo” won
on friday the very strong Special Working Dog Class (18 entries) under Mr. R Maynard ,
on saterday we showed “Mylo” in the Parade Of Champions,
102 entries from all over Europe!

We were so proud to be one of them ! On sunday Mylo was placed 5th Highly Commended in the Special Working Class (24 entries).

Mylo on the field in Tingry .

We had an incredible weekend at the field-trial in Preseau.
Mylo “Ch Rayleas My Guy” took on saterday and on sunday
the 1st exellent CACT wich make him trialer !!!

@  The show La Romandie Avenches in Suisse:

Mylo won the workingclass, he became best working golden & BOS.
And if that was not enough he went BOB,
Best Gundog in Show and BEST IN SHOW.

Mylo won the workingclass on the special clubshow in Gelsenkirchen
and took the CAC and VDH point wich made him after Belgium Champion,
International Show Champion, International Champion with work-qualification.
We are so proud of him !

On the Belgium Clubshow took Mylo the first place in a strong Champion Class
and he became BOS and took the CAC !

Mylo took on the show in Saarbrucken Germany
the first place and VDH point in the workingclass.

We have a lovely weekend in Switserland:

We met some lovely people and nice dogs and Mylo took the second place in the championclass, and he took the RCAC-CAC.

Ch Rayleas My Guy “Mylo” in the open class at CRUFTS.

Mylo took on a field trail in Preseau France the qualification ” Trés bon” (very well)
wich make him International Champion!

We are very proud to have these wonderful boy! Thank you Catherine & Svenn ,
thanks to everyone who believed in us …

We had a super weekend in Austria:
On saterday Mylo took the CACA-CACIB BOS & Crufts Qualification
and on sunday CACA& BOS.

Show on sunday comment of the judge Mrs Anne Woodcock:

Super dog when viewed from any angle, Looked like a picture, when he is moving with great power & drive, super bone & feet, balanced body proportions, well constructed body, typical head & expression, enhanced by his super pigment.

We are very proud to let you know that Mylo took the CAC-CACIB at the show in Mechelen witch made him BELGIUM CHAMPION!

Thanks to Catherine & Sven “Rayleas” for giving us this wonderfull boy,Thanks to all the judges who likes Mylo so much as we do. Thanks to the huntingtrainers John De Zutter, Willy Geens and Geert Vermeersch to help us to get Mylo’s workqualification in Belgium. Special thanks to my trainingspartner Danny Devriendt and his flatcoat Cloud Danser’s Pure Passion “Rebel” and thanks to everyone who believed in Mylo!

Mylo got the 1st place in a very strong open class
at the “Special-Rassehunde-Ausstellung” in Tatenhausen.

Mylo got a shared 1st place at the working test in Wingene with 85/100!

Mylo got the 1st place in open class and the RCAC and RCACIB
at the show in Moeskroen Belgium with the judge M. Decuyper.

Mylo got the RCACS and RCACIB at the international dogshow in Rouen.

Mylo got his working certificate in a field trial.

Mylo (Rayleas My Guy)  won the Working Test in Anzegem

99 points (of 100 points).
We want to thank John, Dirk and Geert for al their trainings and advice!

Mylo -Rayleas My Guy has won CAC-CACIB,
BOS in Dortmund and has become Europasieger 2009.