Stanroph Such A Nice Guy “Ayden”

Ayden “Stanroph Such A Nice Guy”

29/09/2013 – 11/02/2022

We had to say goodbye to our Ayden, way to early. Our sweet, playful, always smiling best friend. We could understand eachother without words. You were so special. Saying goodbye to you was hard. Our heart is broken …
We miss you, a little more every day. We love you sweet teddy bear, forever!
You were and always be … our best friend ! 

BVA: 3-3
ED: 0-0
PRA1: Clear
PRA2: Clear
EYES (ECVO): Clear

Ayden passed his Epreuve B
FCI Work Qualification
Best Working Dog Golden Retriever: in the beginnersclass GRCB 2017